Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No Man's Land

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As I have stated many times before, I am a conservative man. I dislike the left and their veiled attempt at controlling the moral compass of our nation. I believe they care very little about tangible issues like the economy, border security and a strong military, using those topics only to mandate their non-traditional social views about the redistribution of wealth, undocumented workers, and the mainstreaming of homosexuality.

Those who don't know me very well would take the aforementioned statement as an assumption that I have a place securely inside the new "Tea Party Movement", but they'd be wrong. There certainly are some tenants to the ideology of that group that I can relate to: my anger & disgust of past and current leadership and their inability to listen to the American people being first among them. But I find the Tea Partiers are hypocritical in their mocking of Barack Obama as the "Great Leader" when clearly they have the same types of feelings for Sarah Palin, their "Anointed One".

I never saw the charisma element that everyone else saw in Obama. I viewed him as a minority empty suit with a huge leftist agenda from the beginning. How then, in 2010 can I turn a blind eye to the exact same type of adoration from the right for another minority empty suit with an agenda clearly coming from the Christian right-wing of the GOP? How can any rational person?

How do Tea Party goers square the idea that their new incarnation of perfect leadership is now committed to stumping for John McPain; a certified RINO if there ever was one? Is that not a topic of conversation at their gatherings? I will not accept the idea that she is "obligated" to do it; that is a pure cop-out. The idea that she was picked out of obscurity by someone who is less than sincere in his love for true conservatives makes me laugh, and so does her lack of knowledge in world affairs. Her folksy winks and colloquialisms don't give me any confidence, either.

So, here I am in No Man's Land.

I cannot square the social beliefs of the left with my own moral compass and I am offended that the Tea Party movement doesn't think I can see through their weak attempt to make-over the ugliness and hypocrisy of the Christian Right with a sexy new package.

Charismatic or sexy, telepromters or crib notes; they're appealing to the lowest common denominator amongst us all.

This last bit won't surprise you. I'm not sure we can experiment once again with a token minority President. I think it's time for a boring old white guy with documented experience and success to become our next President of the United States. In order to overcome the groundswell of support for the current populist candidates though, he's going to have to drop the polished appearance, stop comparing himself to Ronald Reagan, let his manly parts swing low and tell it like it is.
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